Personal Brand Development & Consultation . . . $100

Work directly with an experienced Consultant to uncover what drives you. Together, we will shape your goals based upon your values and interests. To close the one hour consultation, we determine a brand based upon a unique skills in your industry or upon a transferable that is valued across many industries. This approach to branding ensures you have a brand to suit your intentions of risign in your current industry or applying to jobs across a variety of fields.

Custom Cover Letter & Resume Writing . . . Entry $150  |  Exp $200  |  Pro $250  |  Exec $300

Do you have a resume design that you love but you need help with the words on the page? The Custom Cover Letter and Resume Writing service is built just for you. You don’t have to go with our design but we can definitely help you perfect the language. Get all the benefits of a seasoned resume writer and you can make a design all your own.

Client-Tailored Design & Layout . . . Entry $100  |  Exp $150  |  Pro $200  |  Exec $250 

If you are a wordsmith but you need a designer’s touch to make your resume visually appealing, we have designers that can give you just what you’re looking for. The design of your resume will be based upon your brand and all the elements that already exist in your resume. We just spice it up. We take proven design philosophies and make it look easy. You end up with a perfectly styled resume that you’ll be proud to show to prospective employers.

Interview eTextbook . . . $80

Mastering the Interview was written by speakUP Resume founder, Juliana Trichilo Cina. It covers all aspects of the job interview, every interview style you can imagine, and tips and steps to ensure you’re ready for interview day. This text is built upon interview-specific research, communications psychology and in-field research as to how a successful interview unfolds. Read it thoroughly and take it seriously to get results.

Interview Training Webinar . . . $150

This online seminar covers the most important elements of the Mastering the Interview textbook. Go over the details of a successful interview in your textbook with the help of founder, Juliana Trichilo Cina. You’ll be inspired and encouraged to perform with confidence.

Live Interview Training with Juliana (3 hours) . . . $250

Get all the benefits of the Interview Training Webinar but sit with founder Juliana personally and ask her all the questions you want. The one-on-one attention is offered at a steep discount of almost 20% off of a three hour coaching session. Let Juliana challenge you and prepare you for your important upcoming interview.

Job Search Training Webinar . . . $100

In case you hadn’t noticed, today’s job market is in constant flux. We live in a demanding and competitive marketplace. That’s why your job search must be dynamic. This webinar details all the angles you can and should take when marketing yourself in the job market. Multiply your chances of scoring a job fast by using the tips, tricks and methods that have worked for so many.

1 Hour One-on-One Coaching . . . $100

Whether you’re looking for career counselling, job interview advice, job search tips, or any number of other job-related coaching, Juliana is a skilled Consultant that has helped clients face every kind of challenge you can imagine. You may be trying to overcome a technical challenge, or an emotional one. You will find you have the best advice and inspiration possible to go after your goals.

Industry-Targeted Resume Distribution . . . $100

speakUP Resumes stands behind an aggressive job search strategy that puts your resumes in the hands of hiring managers at a fast rate. While you can and should send your resumes out daily to anyway from two to five hiring managers per day, we can help boost your efforts by blasting your resume out to a vast database of recruiters, HR professionals, and job boards.